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4 Reasons to Consider NYC Bankruptcy in the New Year

It’s already 2019 and if you are wondering how the 12 months of 2018 passed so quickly, you are not alone. Yet, there are many people in NYC that are glad to see 2018 in the rearview mirror. If one of the reasons you aren’t sad to see 2018 go is because of complicated financial issues, now is the time to talk about NYC bankruptcy. There are dozens of reasons to consider NYC bankruptcy in 2019, but we’ll start with four that we find particularly compelling.

#1: Last Year’s Resolution Was a Bust

As we covered in an earlier blog post, one sign you should be giving some serious thought to NYC bankruptcy is a long-term, indefinite financial situation. This piece of advice still rings true in the New Year.

Like many people you probably promised to start saving, stop spending, and start tracking your finances in 2018. Statistically, there are very few people that will uphold this resolution and make substantial strides in paying off their debt in a single year. If you are the norm, you probably did nothing different in 2018 than all the years that came before, and that could mean more debt than 12 months earlier. It could be time to make a different resolution, to merely investigate the options of NYC bankruptcy and talk to a lawyer about your debt and finances.

#2: Your Financial Situation Won’t Solve Itself

Paying your debts, learning about a better financial future, eventually living without missed payments and overdue accounts requires action! You can’t expect this New Year to result in a different outcome if you continue down the same road as 2018, 2017, and before.

Of course, this isn’t applicable just to NYC bankruptcy and finances. There is a famous quote from Tony Robbins that captures this mentality, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Exploring your options with a bankruptcy lawyer in NYC could finally yield the different results you want and need.

#3: Considering NYC Bankruptcy Isn’t a Commitment

There is a common misconception that the only role of an NYC bankruptcy lawyer is filing your bankruptcy petition and walking you through that process. IN reality, our team at the Law Office of Michelle Labayen does much more. We focus on NYC bankruptcy because it is the best option for many of our clients, but we can also assist with alternatives to bankruptcy, finding the right credit counseling, and other legal matters, such as foreclosure.

Plus, meeting with an NYC bankruptcy lawyer from the Law Office of Michelle Labayen has no strings attached. We provide an entirely free initial consultation to any potential client. During this conversation, we learn about your financial situation and assess your case. We often know at the end of this first discussion if NYC bankruptcy is right for you, but there is no obligation to hire our firm at the end of this initial consultation. This allows any potential client to explore his or her options and find the right fit for a particular situation.

#4: You Can Stop the Creditor Calls This Year

When a potential client contacts the Law Office of Michelle Labayen, there is typically one source of stress that stands out from all the other concerns and worries – debt collectors. The insistence and frequency of creditor calls and debt collectors can be a daily source of anxiety. There are laws in New York that attempt to prevent harassment and threatening behavior, but these calls can still plague your everyday life. This could be the year you make them stop by filing for NYC bankruptcy.

Talk to an NYC Bankruptcy Lawyer

Our team advocates for anyone in a tough financial situation to find the very best solution. That may or may not be NYC bankruptcy, but talking with an NYC lawyer is the best way to find out. To learn more, contact our team at the Law Office of Michelle Labayen by calling (212) 381-6083.