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5 Signs You Should Be Thinking About Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy isn’t the right choice for everyone. Often, credit card debt and medical bills are temporary debts that will be repaid and forgotten in a matter of months. These debts might be stressful, but they aren’t overwhelming. In these cases, filing for bankruptcy isn’t necessary or appropriate to solve your financial circumstances. Yet, there are…

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How Can NYC Bankruptcy Lead to a Stronger Financial Future?

Most conversations about NYC bankruptcy occur in a negative context. It’s complicated and requires a debtor to follow strenuous procedures. Filing for NYC bankruptcy has repercussions for your credit score and borrowing capabilities. Bankruptcy can even feel like a financial failure. Yet, an NYC bankruptcy lawyer also sees the opportunity that comes after the bankruptcy…

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The Sears Bankruptcy: The demise of an iconic American brand

It is no longer news that one of America’s most iconic retail brands, a trailblazer which bestrode America’s retail space for several decades is locked in a desperate struggle for its very existence. Sears, Roebuck and Company (“Sears”) the Illinois – based retail giant founded 126 years ago in 1892, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy…

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