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7 Great Questions to Ask During Your Free Consultation

This isn’t a post about choosing the right bankruptcy lawyer. But here in New York City, most bankruptcy firms do offer some manner of free consultation. It’s a chance to review your case. It’s also a chance for you and the lawyer to find out if you’ll be comfortable working together. But if you don’t…

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Priority? What Does It Mean for Bankruptcy in NYC?

Throughout the proceedings for bankruptcy in NYC, you’ll hear lawyers and trustees refer to priority claims and taxes. It is apparent from these conversations and occasionally debates, that the determination of priority versus non-priority is important for the court and creditors. In fact, the trustee taking your case could spend substantial time reviewing your finances…

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Where to Begin When Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in New York?

You don’t simply wake up one morning and file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy – at least, you shouldn’t. First, there are explicit requirements in place by the federal bankruptcy laws that must be met before you are permitted to file under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Act. Second, bankruptcy isn’t the best course of action…

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The Sears Bankruptcy: The demise of an iconic American brand

It is no longer news that one of America’s most iconic retail brands, a trailblazer which bestrode America’s retail space for several decades is locked in a desperate struggle for its very existence. Sears, Roebuck and Company (“Sears”) the Illinois – based retail giant founded 126 years ago in 1892, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy…

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