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Introduction to Our NYC Bankruptcy Law Office

Bankruptcy and foreclosure lawyer, Michelle Labayen, leads the legal team in our New York City law office. Her 16 years of bankruptcy experience in New York and New Jersey provides the basis for our individualized and client-oriented legal services, which now extend to both bankruptcy and foreclosure in New York City.

As Michelle looks to grow her practice in all categories and complexities of New York City bankruptcy, our law office remains focused on key values: exceptional communication, knowledgeable legal advice, and personal approach to our representation.

Learn more about Michelle Labayen and our past cases in New York City.

Bankruptcy Cases at Our New York City Law Office

Michelle Labayen handles every step of your bankruptcy proceedings, including preparation and explanation of bankruptcy in New York City. From the moment you contact our office, we work to provide the highest caliber bankruptcy advice in New York City. Our bankruptcy services include:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy;
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy;
  • Negotiation of your debt with creditors;
  • Reorganization of payment obligations;

Special filings for forgiveness of student loans through bankruptcy;

  • Advice on alternatives to New York City bankruptcy; and
  • Representation through disputes or disagreements during the bankruptcy process.

Our goal is to provide bankruptcy advice specific to your financial situation – that requires a clear understanding of your income, expenses, debts, and savings. Whether you are ready to file for bankruptcy tomorrow or merely want to discuss your options, we arrange a one-on-one consultation with New York City bankruptcy lawyer Michelle Labayen.

Our office dedicates a substantial part of our practice to the representation of individuals with student debt. We can’t wait to provide you the legal resources needed to overcome outstanding student loans and put your hard-earned money towards other things.

Get more information on our advice for paying student debt.

Foreclosure Cases at Our New York City Law Office

Michelle Labayen has a knowledgeable and informed practice in New York City foreclosures. Her representation extends from explanation and advice on the foreclosure process, to tackling short sales and fighting or defending a New York City foreclosure. No matter the complexity or specificity of your New York City foreclosure matter, our law office can take your case.

Our practice provides legal advice on these aspects of a New York City foreclosure and much more:

  • Responding to a notice of foreclosure or advice on missed mortgage payments;
  • Answering a court filing for foreclosure by a bank or lending institution;
  • Raise a defense to a New York City foreclosure through the court;
  • Review and explain your mortgage documents and other lending information;
  • Ensure compliance with the court proceedings and communication;
  • Explanation of loan modification and other ways to delay foreclosure; and
  • Provide options for fighting a New York City foreclosure on your real property.

Once the bank or lending institution initiates a court proceeding in New York City, you only have a finite amount of time to respond and build a defense. It is important that you defend a New York City foreclosure filing immediately. Begin building your understanding of foreclosure and your options for a defense by speaking with attorney Michelle Labayen today.

Contacting Our Law Office for Representation

We are ready to take your New York City bankruptcy or foreclosure case. Yet, we know that you need certainty and trust in your New York City lawyer, which is why our office offers a free and entirely confidential consultation to any new client.

You can meet with an experienced lawyer, discuss the basics of your bankruptcy or foreclosure case, and ask questions about your possible case, without signing an engagement letter and without paying a fee. We can’t wait to speak with you and help you build a better financial future in New York City.

Contact Michelle Labayen to schedule a free initial consultation.

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